Welcome to Table Rhythms. A place where I share my interests about home, living simply, faith, and money. As for many, this place is a creative outlet. Among other important titles, I am a maker and am in the beginning stages of a a slow journey to have my own home studio, mostly for ceramics, but I'd like to leave room for whatever else I am inspired by and find useful. As I work towards this goal, I’m exercising my creative muscles through this site. Does anyone else feel restless if they are not creating something or working on a project? That is me all the way. I wish I had the self-awareness to realize this years ago, but I'm glad I know now!

Why Table Rhythms?

This is twofold, on one hand is the rhythm. The routine and repeated pattern. Even the smallest rhythms at home shape our lives. I am a homebody and find comfort in starting my day with a cup of tea (of course in a handmade mug) and my Bible. Of course this doesn’t always happen, but a simple intentional rhythm like this can shape a whole day and in turn weeks, years and a life.

On the other hand is the table. I hope to make small batch handcrafted ceramics to be loved and used with shared food and conversation at the table. Even bigger and more beautiful than this physical experience is the table of God. Jesus made the intentional act of communing with all sorts of people from whom we see as the least, to the greatest. There is room at his table, and in his family, for every single person, and every single person is invited. I love this, and am forever learning it.

Being a maker has been woven into my life for a long time by our maker, and whether or not a ceramics studio comes to be, I’ll always be doing something creative. Who knows, maybe the dream will evolve into something completely different like personal finance or HR consulting (two other interests).

And since this is an about page, I’ll mention my two most important titles, wife to Steve (aka Chachi to friends) and mom to Graham, our sweet one year old. I’d love to hear from you! How did you happen upon this page? Have you got any feedback? I wish we could speak in person, but dropping me a note in the contact page is just as welcome.