No Spend June 2019

A couple weeks ago my sister and I were talking about our recent spending and decided that we needed to reel it in a bit. As with many things, the more you buy, the more you want to buy. I’ve done no spend months before in various ways, like cutting out one category of spending or completely trimming all unnecessary spending for one month. This month we decided to cut out all extra spending aside from the necessities and eating out/experiences. We both had trips planned and did not want to restrict ourselves from summer fun! Instead we planned to not buy any extras, anything that was not a necessity. Now that the month has come to a close, I wanted to share how it went. 

It's noteworthy to first say that in May I got a handful of summer clothes second hand and a collection of face masks (sheet masks, however wasteful, are a guilty pleasure) from Marshall's because I knew No Spend June was coming. This was dumb, it defeats the purpose of a no spend month- which is saving money. It's basically just spending ahead of time. 

That aside, this month long challenge was valuable. Here are my takeaways:

  • Making the decision not to spend ahead of time made things a lot simpler. I just didn't go to stores or check out any online shops. I didn't have to hem and haw over small purchases like I often do, I already knew I wasn't going to buy it unless it was an essential. 

  • As we all know, spending on experiences is so much more valuable.Last weekend we went strawberry picking, spent a little extra on higher quality food, ate some cider doughnuts and had a perfect day on a farm. We also spent even more time at our local park than we normally would have. Not stopping in thrift stores really saved me a bunch of time.

  • We saved more money! In May, which was an expensive month somehow, we spent $354.81 in our home items, clothing, and toiletries/health categories. In June we spent $84.68 in those same categories. $41 of that is from protein powder, which I definitely could have cut out for this month. That's not actually an essential for me. 

  • The grocery category is one that I don't really have a handle on. Typically we spend $350 - $400 on groceries in a month. In June we spent over $500! I can't even remember what we bought. I think documenting better what we are buying might help? Drop me a line if you have any tips on spending smartly in the grocery store! I'm hoping to work on this over the next couple of months. 

I love doing no spend challenges and finding was to be frugal and save. Stay tuned, next I am going to share a few ways I save money that may be a little under the radar.