All-Purpose Cleaning Spray

3 parts warm water

1 part distilled white vinegar

1-2 tablespoons castile soap

10 – 20 drops of essential oil

16 ounce glass spray bottle

Combine water, vinegar and soap in the spray bottle and shake until all ingredients are combined. The vinegar and soap sometimes clump, but with warm water and a bit of shaking they should all emulsify.   Add the essential oil of your choice and shake again.


I usually use a citrus oil, peppermint, or a pre-made cleaning blend. Keep in mind if your castile soap has essential oils in it already you may want to limit or omit adding anymore. I prefer the unscented version but have used peppermint as well. I typically eyeball the measurements for everything in this, so feel free to be flexible in the amounts and container. I use this solution for nearly all cleaning. It is so convenient, extremely inexpensive and reduces waste – three of my favorite things!


Vinegar has some amazing properties and is especially good for cleaning glass and stainless steel. This solution is heavily diluted with water so I used it on everything with no concerns. If you are concerned about a certain type of porous stone counter-top or any other surface, I would do some research.  Let me know if you learn anything noteworthy!