Approaching Blogging Unsure

Hi Friends -

If you've read my about page, you'll know that my goal with Table Rhythms is to be a maker- to have a studio with the freedom to throw and recycle pots on repeat. I am a visionary and have lots of ideas about my creative endeavors: hand sewn napkins from recycled fabrics, recipes, simple watercolors, thrifted and curated interiors, I could go on. And while I do small projects in our apartment, it can feel so far removed from my goals, that I thought making my website, before the business even exists, would help me have a more organized and disciplined creative outlet. Yes, it is backwards, and I'm not doing much of anything to gain readers or followers, but I do believe that this is for my good and for God's glory.

I recognize that I need to exercise creativity and make things and get things out of my head and at this time the this blog is one way I am doing that. But blogging is weird. It is a weird word, it feels oddly selfish. Maybe that's why I changed this section of the site to "Journal". I've committed to seeing how it goes for one year through posting one to two times per month. I like longer challenges and self-discipline is a practice I've been working on in a lot of ways.

I plan to keep showing up here and practicing writing in ways that (hopefully) don't feel all about me. I want to shine light on other things, other people and the ultimate creator, God. I want to write and create with my palms open recognizing that what I have and what I give is all from Him.

The next few weeks, I plan to do some research. At the start I decided not to look elsewhere and see what other women are doing with blogs and creative sites. I wanted the freedom to post without second guessing anything. But now, I think it would be helpful to know:

What are other people writing on their personal or business blogs?

What interesting content is out there in the space that I want to be in?

What space do I want to be in?

I'm hoping to find some inspiring women writing in interesting and simple ways about faith, home and simple living. I'll share who I find and maybe what I learn if I can get my head around this blogging stuff a bit more. Thanks for being here dear reader and I hope you are excited to learn with me.

- Rae

ps. Hope you also like the cover photo of sweet Graham in one of his favorite places. I melt at his snaggle tooth smile.

FaithRachel Zacchigna