Snapshots of Our Living Room

My curious self loves to see inside people's homes. I love house tours on youtube, open houses in my town, looking at homes on Zillow, and only really care about the final reveal on HGTV shows. I'm thinking I'm not alone in this, so I thought I'd share some snapshots of the living area of our home in this months Small Living Series. I planned to squeeze the kitchen into the same post, but I’m not a fan of long blog posts, so that will be coming soon.

This is the entrance to our apartment, outside the door is a steep staircase that leads to a super small landing. Just to the left of the entrance are some handy built-ins and hooks. This area often looks busy I try to keep the hooks as bare as possible, but often the diaper bag is hanging from one and coats depending on the season on a few others. And yes, there are actually always binoculars close to the door. We live in a seaside town so I try to remember to grab them when driving by the ocean. 


We are constantly rearranging this area, but currently the upper cabinet houses my sewing machine, and the bench stores some of our heavier winter clothing. We park Graham's car seat right beside the bench which sometimes becomes a catch all for dropping stuff off. Trying to get better at that. 

2a Bookcase.jpg
2b Storage.jpg

As you can see you enter straight into the living area. There is a little section for our shoes which provides a bit of an entry way feel, but you kind of always feel like your right about to go outside.

This big chair is well made but not in the best condition, for a while it was literally our only piece of furniture so it got a ton of wear quickly. I picked it up for 40 bucks when thrifting with my mom about 6 years ago. Someone else at the store had the tag and was planning to buy it, but my mom convinced her that she didn't need it so I could get it! She is truly the best.

3 Entryway:chair.jpg

We used to have the TV on a little cart we picked up off the side of the road for free in a nearby fancy town, and though the cart was small it took up a big chunk of valuable space. We don't even use it on an every-day basis and it always bothered me sitting there. Last year we decided to mount it with a swivel mount so it can be pushed to the side and out of the way (hopefully our landlords don't mind the holes…) and it was amazing how much it opened up the little space. Best decision ever. We then moved the little cart to our bedroom to be used as a changing table.

4a TV.jpg
4b TV.jpg

We have huge radiators, especially in comparison to the size of the room, and unfortunately we don't have control of the temperature. While it is nice to have that cost included in our very inexpensive rent, it is always way hotter than we'd like and the windows, very inefficiently, stay cracked all winter. I keep this thrifted ceramic bowl on the radiator full of water to add some humidity for my plants.


Graham hangs out a lot in this space, and we often lay out this amazing handmade quilt my Aunt Nancy gave us before he was born. She actually hand stitched details on this! He is going crazy rolling around these days so doesn't stay on it for long.

For a while we had a cheap futon. It moved around from where the bench is currently, to where the chair is, and currently, to my favorite spot for it, the dump. I just could not figure out what to put in this tiny room, and we lived without a couch for months when we first moved in. We wanted to be able to have people sleep somewhere if they stayed with us so eventually we bought the futon online from Walmart. It was fine, it served its purpose for 4 years, though it's springs totally shot halfway through its life with us. During this time I was constantly looking up couches and love seats that would fit and I always ended up telling myself to just stick it out and get a normal size couch when we move…and we never moved.

Finally we splurged and picked up this beautiful Article loveseat, and I am so glad we did. It's minimal design, low profile, and slim legs help with the crowdedness of the room. I now realize I could have gotten a few better photos of it, but I clearly was more captivated by Graham scooting around underneath.


 So thats the living space; cleaned, organized and tidied up just for these photos. Its crowded and cozy and I love it and am annoyed with it all at once. The best thing abut it is this little guy rolling around on the floor. He doesn’t care if it needs tidying up or doesn’t have a spot for our blender (which normally sits sadly on the floor next to our radiator). He doesn’t think it’s too small for guests and loves when people come over. He knows that what counts is not what we have in our home but how spend our time. He teaches me a lot. Thanks, G. Love you, bud. Also thanks for dusting under the couch.

Graham Under Couch .jpg

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