Snapshots of Our Kitchen

In all transparency living in this place has been frustrating the last couple of weeks. I’ve found myself wishing I had a few feet of space with nothing there. A wall or an area of the floor or some surface that was just open. Instead, every nook and cranny seems to be full even though I am constantly clearing things out and decluttering.

I got a dutch oven (I’m in love) and cannot figure out where to store it. The family size box of cheerios fits no where. Graham is getting bigger and the Johnny jump up (his favorite place to be) doesn’t adjust farther up in our short doorway. I could go on. I sometimes let these things get to me a little too much, and when that happens I try to think about the bigger picture. We won’t be here forever, and we will be happy for the time we spent here. We will laugh and tell stories to our kids and grandkids about the first tiny apartment we shared. And mainly, we will be a whole lot closer to our financial goals. 

So here is our tiny kitchen. These photos show a neat and tidy space, but of course that is often not the case. I even removed the dish rack that sits on our counter 100% of the time. It was so ugly sitting there, I had to take it out even though you now don’t accurately see the amount of counter space we have to work with. 

The kitchen is completely open to the living area, so its the room we spend most of our time in. Like the other areas of our home we’ve constantly rearranged this space and I think at this point it is working as well as it can. Thankfully the apartment came with the island and chairs you see below which is a great fit for this space and includes storage. It does mean having people over for dinner is challenging, but we make it work. To the left of the microwave you can see a glimmer of a washer and dryer. Don’t be fooled. The washer has never worked and the dryer fits 3 towels and dries them in 3 hours. I wish I was exaggerating. But it is a great place to store our grocery bags! 

Kitchen 1.jpg
Kitchen 2.jpg

The little flexible desk light beside my “P is for pierogi” is imperative to all cooking. The lighting can be poor in that area so we point and shoot that light wherever we are working, from dishes in the sink to the stovetop. 

Kitchen 3.jpg
Kitchen 4.jpg

Next to our stove we keep larger cooking utensils and a little basket that houses our salt and pepper and little spoon/tea bag rests. I find it is helpful to have little things grouped together in baskets. It keeps things neater and easier to find. 

Kitchen 5 Stove.jpg

We love the window above the sink, it really makes a difference in that space. One time I inadvertently left a chocolate bark dessert on the counter overnight without wrapping it up. The window above was opened a crack and when we woke up we found little claw marks all throughout the chocolate and on the wooden wall leading up to the window! We never found the culprit and sadly lost a delicious treat, but when you live in a treehouse apartment, you can expect such visitors I guess. 

Kitchen 6.jpg
Kitchen 7.jpg

Not pictured is our fridge and pantry, which is a tall cabinet, to the left of the sink area. They are both apartment size, white and slightly dingy. They do the job, but are nothing to write home about. 

So that is our kitchen! To some it may look crazy tiny and inconvenient and to others perhaps just the running water is a luxury. I am thankful for it, but I do dream of the day when everything has a home, I have space to cook with ease, and we have a table that seats an army. For us, for now, it works.  

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