Here's to a Steadfast 2019

“…you know you could live a better life than you do, be softer, kinder. And maybe this year you will be able to do it.”

Mary Oliver


My word for 2019 is steadfast. I’ve got a word! I’m not typically someone to have a word for season but this year I felt I needed a simple focus. I find myself a bit scattered these days- I’m guessing it has to do with the little 5-month soul that is shaking up our lives. I’m also not one for big new years resolutions, I have a few goals which are the same as they were in 2018. But this year I want to be more grounded, organized,  and intentional. I’m summing it up with the word steadfast. 

The desire for this started in September when I started a Bible reading challenge with Christine from Snapshots of Simplicity. This challenge has been life giving! Starting the day (and often times ending the day – those are some large chunks of reading) in the word has shown me my huge thirst for that consistent time for God. I had been struggling to decide what to read and something about those little empty check boxes on the reading chart motivated me to give it a try. I’m so grateful I did.  

The thirst for steadfastness, continued commitment to something, is true in other areas of my life as well; my mood, my care for my son Graham, my showing up for my husband, my cooking, my working out etc.. I’ve got some ideas below of how I plan to foster “steadfastness” this year, but am looking forward to how it will evolve and grow. 

Grounded - In my faith and Bible reading, continuing to prioritize that and reflect on the readings throughout the day. Not that I am an emotional basket case but sometimes I think my highs are so high and my lows are so low and they fluctuate too quickly. It may be connected to lack of sleep and/or lack or organization, but I don’t want little things to bother me or set my on a “ohh life is so hard” spiral of thoughts. I have all I need and I have Jesus and that is enough. 

Organized - Planing ahead. Do I need to work tomorrow? Better get that bag packed the night before. Do I know I am more motivated to cook if the kitchen is clean? Better clean up those dishes right after the last mess occurs. I love LOVE cooking and its been taking a back burner. Does Graham need a good solid nap this afternoon? Plan any outings accordingly. And so on and so forth. 

Intentional - At the end of the day when we are both home and relaxing, forget the phone and just BE. Together. Is there a mess and the bed is unmade but Graham is wiggling and giggling? Then PLAY! I won’t remember making the bed but I will remember (and most certainly someday miss) those sweet baby sounds. 

So here’s to a year of trying, of many failures and many wins, and of a whole lot of joy. 

FaithRachel Zacchigna